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Party Questions app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 2672 ratings )
Lifestyle Entertainment
Developer: Tappercut AB
Current version: 1.0.4, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 21 Sep 2011
App size: 13.21 Mb

*** The classic party game is finally on the iPhone and iPad – with more daring and fun confessions than ever! ***

Think you knew your friends? Think again…! In this classic party game, the participants need to answer truthfully to random statements about their life! Have you ever had a threesome? Posted a nude picture on Facebook by accident? Cheated on your partner? Unironically liked a Justin Bieber-song? This app contains over 200 questions to keep the party going and let all the dirty little secrets out!

It is the perfect app for the dinner, party or after-party. Any social event can instantly be turned up a level with the use of this classic app, but we recommend keeping it away from family gatherings (yes, we had to learn that the hard way).

Categories like “Work”, “Relationships”, “Drinking” – and of course – “Sex” keeps the game amusing and surprising. And cheaters better watch out for the “Meta” category, where you have to confess the truthfulness of your other confessions…

Reasons to download this app right now:

* Over 200 funny, smart and daring questions! The most creative confessions in app form.
* Seven different categories, including “Relationships”, “Sex” and “Drinking” (parental discretion is advised…!)
* Share the statement by mail or Facebook! Will people answer truthfully online?
* Shake, swipe or touch to bring up a new question! Easy-to-use interface makes sure you can keep the questions coming no matter your state of, well, inebriation.
* Works on both iPad and iPhone! Just grab the closest device and start playing!
* Slick design makes this app easy and fun to comeback to. Yeah, we’re tired of all those other boring and ugly party game apps too. Never Have I Ever… is the Rolls Royce of party game apps!
* It’s free! Download it and try it without any risk!

So – do you have the guts to play it…? Download it now to find out!

=== Get it for free! The app is ad supported and gives you a starter selection of confessions. For the seasoned players, there is of course the simple possibility to unlock more fun and remove the ads inside the app! ===

Latest reviews of Party Questions app for iPhone and iPad

Not free
For a free app, youd expect more than 10 lines. I understand an in-game purchase to remove the ads or offer a wider variety of confessions. But giving 10 and calling it a free app is BS. It says in the description you get 200 confessions. If anything you should put a disclaimer that says you only get 10 with the free app and will need to buy the full app for the rest.
Verry Boring and stupid questions ...
They pretty much force you to play for it.
Need update
This app crashes seems like it would be great but it dosnt work
Great for curing that akward moment when with your friends, (High school / college) when you have nothing to do.
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